Common sense of use, maintenance and maintenance of carbide saw blades

Source:YONGKANG HARD SAW INDUSTRY CO.,LTDRelease time:2024-02-01

1.The alloy head of the carbide circular saw blade has a sharp and sensitive cutting edge,so the alloy head must be carefully protected from damage during the movement,installation and disassembly of the saw blade.

2.Regularly check the radial runout(±0.02mm)of the machine's main shaft and the swing(±0.01mm).

3.Remove the debris from the spindle and flange before the blade is installed.The surface of the flange should be flat,clean and perpendicular to the axis.

4.Use the flange as much as possible to make the saw blade run more smoothly,the flange size should be the same,the flange size is 1/3 of the saw blade diameter(the thin saw blade should use 1/2D flange)The sawing effect is better(especially for thin saw blades).

5.After the saw blade is installed smoothly,it should be idle for 30 seconds,and then start cutting work after confirming that everything is normal.

6.When the saw blade is installed,the flange nut should be tight and the loose saw blade will slip during the rotary cutting.The over-tightening saw blade will have internal damage or deformation and affect the cutting effect.

7.The saw blade should be equipped with protective equipment(protective glasses,dust masks,helmets,protective gloves)and checked for proper operation of the saw guard before cutting.

8.In the following cases,it is necessary to repair in time.

a)When the sawing quality no longer meets the requirements b)When the energy consumption of the machine tool is significantly increased

c)When the edge of the cutting material has a significant explosion,d)When the alloy edge wear reaches 0.2 mm

Timely grinding is very important,because when the blade is not sharp,the saw body will heat up,and the motor load will be too large,reducing the life of the saw blade.Continue cutting when grinding should be done.For every 10%increase in cutting,it will bring about 50%more alloy damage and shorten the life of the saw blade.

9.Frequently remove the resin,debris and other debris collected on the side of the sawtooth and saw blade,because the accumulation of adhesive will increase the resistance,resulting in high energy consumption(in extreme cases,the machine motor will burn)Rough cutting quality.If the cutting edge is blunt at the same time,it may cause damage to the saw teeth.

10.Avoid using corrosive solvents during cleaning.When the saw blade is not used for a long time,it should be cleaned and sharpened.After oiling for anti-rust treatment,put it in the original carton and place it properly.

11.Precision,stable vibration-free sharpening machine and suitable diamond grinding wheel.Grinding the alloy head according to the specified operating procedures will extend the life of the saw blade.Do not use hand-operated sharpening equipment.

When sharpening,pay attention to the geometric design of the original specification model in the BLOG sample.

Please refer to the following diamond grinding wheel

a)It is recommended to use wet grinding(emulsion coolant)b)recommended feed rate 1-2mm/sec

c)Must be ground with D500 mesh or more and fully automatic machine,otherwise it will cause damage to the sawtooth

d)It is recommended to grind the front and rear corners as conditions permit.